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Is your representative living up to conservative expectations? Simply click on your state to see how your rep's actual voting record matches up to the conservative values of your district. You may be surprised by what you learn.

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The legislative scores represent the average composite of the member’s rating from Heritage Action for America and the Club for Growth for 2014 (the 113th Congress). The Madison Performance Index (MPI) is a measure of how many points the member is over-performing or under-performing based on the ideological bent of his/her district, or in the case of Senators, the entire state (per the district or State Cook PVI rating). For full details on the MPI and our methodology, please click here.
Cook PVI District Member 2014 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+25 5 Rogers, Hal 41.5 -48.5 Click for contact information
R+18 1 Whitfield, Ed 45.0 -45.0 Click for contact information
R+16 2 Guthrie, Brett 60.5 -29.5 Click for contact information 
R+9 6 Barr, Andy 56.5 -27.5 Click for contact information
R+16 4 Massie, Tom 81.0 -9.0 Click for contact information
R+13 Senator McConnell, Mitch 61.0 -29.0 Click for contact information
R+13 Senator Paul, Rand 94.0 +4.0 Click for contact information