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Overall Performance Results

When you take a good hard look at the legislative voting scores for the entire House Republican Conference, you may be surprised with what you find. There are only a small number of members whose voting records could remotely be called conservative. Many members are dramatically underperforming, even though they represent some of our most conservative-leaning districts.


Your members of Congress are voting to protect and promote your conservative ideals, right?

They are fighting to safeguard your conservative values, correct?

Don’t be so sure…

Given the disturbing facts outlined to the right, we have our work cut out in establishing and maintaining a strong conservative majority within the Republican Party.

    • Only 27 members (out of 242) have an average conservative score (Heritage Action + Club for Growth) of 90+. Just 14 of them come from the 85 districts rated R+13 or above. 
    • Only 42 members scored 85+; only 64 scored 80 and above; only 89 members (37% of conference) scored above 75. 111 members scored below 65.
    • On the index, only 43 members, or 18% of the conference, met or exceeded expectations to fully utilize their seats to promote conservatism. If you expand that threshold to those who were within -5, the number increases to 69, still dismal.
    • 58 members have an index of -25 or worse (25 of them are from R+13 districts); 114 members score -15 or worse (42 of them are from R+13+ districts) 149 members score -10 or worse on the index.
    • Only 5 out of the 21 districts rated R+20 or above met expectations (score 90); only 11 of the 56 R+15+ Republicans met expectations; only 14 out of the 83 R+13+ met expectations; only 18 of the 109 R+10 Republicans did.
    • 81 members score a failing grade (below 60)
    • The average score was 68.7. The average score for our top 85 districts is only slightly higher at 74.

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