Conservative Hall of Fame
Conservative Hall of Shame

How To Interpret The Scores

As noted in the section on why this methodology was chosen, there is no objective way to pin down a Member’s complete ideology into a scorecard.  Likewise, there is no ironclad method to measure the ideological orientation of a district.  Therefore, no system that rates a Member’s legislative score against their district will be perfect.

Nonetheless, we feel that our Madison Performance Index scores accurately reflect the behavior of the Members in Congress.

  • Members scoring between -1 and -10 are slightly underperforming. Therefore their performance is not egregious, but they could be doing better.
  • Members scoring between -10.5 and lower are clearly undermining conservatives, especially those who reside in red districts.
    Visit the Hall of Shame for the worst offenders.

In terms of positive scores, any Member of Congress that has a positive score, even the few that are slightly above 0, is in our Hall of Fame.

We are committed to highlighting all Members who score over 90 on our composite legislative score, in addition to those who obtained high positive scores on our index. Please visit the Hall of Fame for members who are dedicated to conservative principles – and act accordingly.