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SD – Noem, Kristi

Cook PVI 2014 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+10 54.5 -31.0 Click for contact information


Kristi Noem was elected in 2010 as a presumptive “Tea Party freshman” with much fanfare and promise. She was appointed president of the freshman class and was often referred to as a “rising star.” In media circles, she is still known as a “Tea Party” leader. The reality is that her voting record reflects anything but Tea Party. She has voted down the line with leadership; for the debt ceiling, and against RSC budgets and spending cuts. Noem is a major purveyor of “Prairie Populism” and supports subsidies for farms, wind, and ethanol. It is members like Noem who are helping to perpetuate the dependency on government in red states.

In July 2012, Congressman Kristi Noem sent a letter to House leadership asking them to vote on a massive trillion dollar farm subsidy/food stamp bill that would lock in Obama’s food stamp spending levels indefinitely.