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OK – Cole, Tom

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Tom Cole came to Congress in 2003 as a conservative. But in recent years, he has served in numerous leadership positions; the steering committee, NRCC chairman, and deputy whip. He is also on the appropriations committee. These positions have oriented him towards the views of the establishment on cutting spending and the size of government. To that end, has voted for TARP, the debt ceiling, Omnibus bills, and against most efforts to cut spending. Cole is inexorably attached to farm welfare. He is also a big supporter of a bill that would grant Hawaii special sovereignty from our federalist system. In past years, Cole has voted against numerous efforts to cut funding to the UN.

In 2012, Tom Cole publicly urged his colleagues to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire on those earning more than Obama feels they should.  He has taken it upon himself to be the leader of the pale-pastel faction of the party and criticize conservative tea partiers who are breathing life into a lethargic party.  He referred the the Tea Party as a “drunken uncle.”