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OH – Jordan, Jim

Cook PVI 2014 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+9 95.0 +15.0 Click for contact information


After serving just two terms in Congress, Jim Jordan became the chairman of the Republican Study Committee. He is one of the few members with a near-perfect voting record and has been a true conservative leader. His tenure as RSC chairman has overlapped with the most tumultuous battles with GOP leaders. Despite the fact that Speaker Boehner hails from the same state, Jordan has not flinched in his opposition to his capitulations on budgetary issues. He was one of only 22 members to not only oppose the final debt ceiling deal, but even Boehner’s initial plan that contained a balanced budget amendment (by violated Cut Cap and Balance). He has been indispensable in rallying conservatives behind solid principles and has a bright future in the conservative movement.