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NJ – Lobiondo, Frank

Cook PVI

2014 Average Legislative Score

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D+1 35.5 -33.5 Click for contact information



Frank Lobiondo earns the distinction of scoring the lowest of any member in the conference (37%).  Although he represents a swing district, his score is so dismal that he ranks among those dramatic underperformers. In 2011, LoBiondo was among the most pro-spending, pro-union, anti-drilling, anti-free trade Republicans in Washington. He is a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership and was one of the 8 Republicans to vote for Cap and Trade in 2010. From cash for clunkers to the incandescent light bulb ban, he’s been a disaster during his 17-year tenure. Congressman Lobiondo also was one of 9 Republicans to oppose a commensese bill that would expediate the process for issuing permits for oil drilling.To his credit, he is a social conservative unlike some of his fellow RINOs from New Jersey. Nonetheless, it’s time for new blood.