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NJ – Garrett, Scott

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R+4 93.0 +16.5 Click for contact information


Scott Garrett has served over 10 years in the House, and his tenure can truly be described as service. He is the bright spot in this dismal delegation, and is the most conservative member in the entire northeast. He has been one of the top leaders in the RSC, crafting their annual budgets and proposals to cut spending. He is a superlative fiscal and social conservative who has been a leader on 10th amendment issues, proposing legislation to devolve highway and education spending back to the states.  In 2003, as a freshman member, he stood up to his party and was one of 25 Republicans to vote against the creation of Medicare part D.

In his capacity as Vice Chairman of the Budget Committee, Garrett has been a bulwark against GOP leaders who are too timid to limit government and cut spending. In 2011, he voted against the debt ceiling and the omnibus, supporting every effort to cut spending. In 2012, he was one of only 30 members to oppose leadership’s bill to extend government-subsidized Stafford student loans.  Garrett is also a subcommittee chairman on the Financial Services Committee and has done great work in attempting to rein in Freddie and Fannie and get the government out of capital markets.