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NC – Jones, Walter

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R+11 79.5 -7.5 Click for contact information



Walter Jones is somewhat independent-minded relative to the other red state statists. He often claims to vote against bills like the Ryan budget because he feels they don’t cut enough spending. Yet, when presented with numerous other opportunities to cut spending, Jones actually voted them down. He also voted for the debt ceiling deal and several CRs that authorized spending far above the levels prescribed in the Ryan budget. His foreign policy is somewhat close to that of Ron Paul’s. Jones is also stridently against free trade and has shown some pro union tendencies. He voted against offshore drilling as well. In 2009, he was one of only eight Republicans to support Obama intervention in mortgages by allowing judges to change the terms of a mortgage. In 2010, he was one of only 3 members to vote for Dodd-Frank. Jones was also one of 9 Republicans to oppose a commensese bill that would expediate the process for issuing permits for oil drilling. 

Walter Jones was once a pretty good member, but has long attenuated his value to the conference, especially for a conservative district.