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KY – Whitfield, Ed

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Whitfield is a nearly 20 year incumbent member from a strongly conservative part of Kentucky. He is arguably the most liberal member of this terrible delegation. Whitfield is a member of the RINO Republican Main Street Partnership. He never saw a spending bill he didn’t like and is a pro-Big Labor Republican. He was one of only 2 Republicans to vote against repeal of Obama’s mortgage bailout program in 2011. Ed Whitfield was one of 3 Republicans to vote for the socialist “Fair Pay Act” in 2009. What’s appalling is that this anti-free-market-member, who is a supporter of climate fascism, is the chairman of the subcommittee on energy. 

Despite the fact that even fiscal liberal Republicans tend to be socially conservative from state like Kentucky, in 1999, Whitfield voted against a bill banning gay couple adoptions in DC. He is wasting a valuable conservative district with his statist representation.