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FL – Mica, John

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This 20-year incumbent is the epitome of an old-bull Republican.  As Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Mica has consistently promised to limit wasteful spending on mass transit and to balance the highway trust fund, but he has reneged on those promises.

In 2011, Mica voted for the triple crown – debt ceiling deal, omnibus, and minubus, as well as all the short-term spending bills that countermanded every tenet of the GOP Pledge to America.  In 2012 he has voted for the Export-Import corporate welfare bank and the Solyndra loan guarantee program.  Mica is a major porker and big supporter of federally-funded high speed rail.

Earlier this year, he decided to leave a district that includes over 500,000 of his constituents to run against Tea Party-backed Sandy Adams in the new 7th District.  He could have run in the safe 6th district, which contains the majority of his old district, but he instead chose to pick a gratuitous fight with a freshmen member.  Mica has exhibited a sense of entitlement and a smug attitude towards the Tea Party, almost as if he relishes a fight with conservatives.