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AR – Crawford, Rick

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Rick Crawford is part of the group of disappointing freshmen. He represents a trending conservative part of northeast Arkansas, yet he has voted against almost every effort to cut spending. Worse, he is one of the few Republicans who are bad on taxes as well. Crawford publically introduced legislation to levy a surtax on millionaires, a key component of the Obama agenda. In July 2012, Congressman Crawford sent a letter to House leadership asking them to vote on a massive trillion dollar farm subsidy/food stamp bill that would lock in Obama’s food stamp spending levels indefinitely.

Statist co-sponsorships:

  • H.R. 3370 Protecting Our Rural Post Offices Act of 2011 – He’s the original sponsor of this bill to prevent the USPS from closing post offices in order to remain solvent.
  • H.R. 4105 Countervailing Tariffs on Imports – This bill is nothing more than a backdoor tax increase that induces higher prices on imported products for countries in southeast Asia.
  • PTC Extension (HR 3307) Refundable tax credits for green energy producers who pay no taxes in the first place.