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AL – Bachus, Spencer

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R+28 58.5 -31.5 Click for contact info


Bachus earns the distinction of representing the most conservative district in the country.  One would expect a fire breathing conservative from this district, but Spencer Bachus is anything but conservative on fiscal issues.  Bachus is the senior member of this underperforming delegation, and as such, he is the most destructive.  He chairs the Financial Services Committee, and has supported all the financial bailouts.  He has also opposed efforts to rein in government intervention in public housing, at least until this year. He has been a reliable vote for wage controls during the past two decades.  He is an RSC member, but he has voted against almost every RSC budget.

In 2010, he was one of only 17 Republicans to vote for a massive 5-year expansion of child nutrition programs.  He has supported unconstitutional limits on campaign donation for his entire career and also was one of only 6 Republicans to vote against a bill that would require overzealous regulatory agencies to reimburse private companies for their attorneys’ fees. What about market-distorting farm subsidies?  He’s the biggest supporter within the Republican Party.