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In an effort to help voters view how their members voted on some of the most consequential legislation, we’ve linked to the votes tallies of major votes for this year and some recent years. This page will be updated to reflect the new vote tallies of major legislation of concern to conservatives.

$1.1 Trillion Omnibus Bill

Bad Bills

“Ryan-Murray” Tax and Spend budget, which funds Obamacare

$1 Trillion Farm Bill

Internet Sales Tax

Jack Lew for Secretary of Treasury

Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Violence Against Women Act


Bad Bills

Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike/Stimulus/Green Pork

FY 2013 CR: funded Obamacare, increased spending, contained no welfare reform

Create New Commerce Department Board to “Study Manufacturing Growth Strategies”

Exempt hundreds of presidential nominees from Senate confirmation process

House Transportation-HUD Appropriations bill

Budget-busting Highway/Student loan omnibus bill

$1 Trillion Farm/Food Stamp Bill

Export-Import Bank (corporate welfare) Reauthorization:

Good Bills

Abolish the Economic Development Administration

Abolish the Legal Services Corp.

Good Bills

Cut Discretionary Spending to 2006 levels

FY2012 Republican Study Committee Budget

Bad Bills

Preliminary debt ceiling deal

Final debt ceiling vote

Reauthorization Trade Adjustment Assistance

“Minibus” spending bill

FY 2012 Omnibus bill

Bad Bills

Obamacare Conference Approval

Obamacare reconciliation

2010 Debt Ceiling Increase

Dodd-Frank Financial Takeover

Massive FDA Takeover

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal

Bad Bills

FY 2009 Omnibus

Cap and Trade

Cash for Clunkers

Credit Card Regulations

House passage of Obamacare

Stimulus – House

Good Bills

RSC Budget

Bad Bills

2008 Farm Bill

Highway Trust Fund Bailout

Freddie/Fannie Bailout


Auto Bailout

Incandescent light bulb ban

2007 Energy Bill (CAFÉ standards, ethanol & green energy mandates)

Creation of Medicare Part D

No Child Left Behind