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FL-Mast, Brian

Cook PVI 2017 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+5 49 -29 Click for contact info

Mast is a freshman representing the 18th district of Florida, stretching north of Palm Beach. Mast sits on Foreign Affairs and Transportation and is a member of the liberal Main Street Partnership. His disappointing 49% legislative score is partly explained by his district, which is marginal – and partly explained by Mast’s own bipartisan philosophy.  A wounded veteran, Mast has made extraordinary sacrifices for the country, but time and again, he votes as a RINO rather than a solid conservative.  Pork, the 2018 budget, unfunded disaster relief, the farm bill mess, the debt ceiling – Mast is on the wrong side each time. It might be tough for a true conservative to win in the 18th, but it’s not impossible. Mast needs a hard push. FL-18 is R+5 and can handle someone with a 70-80% legislative score.