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FL-Curbelo, Carlos

Cook PVI 2017 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
D+6 34.3 -27.2 Click for contact info

Curbelo is in his 2nd term representing the 26th district, including the far south of the mainland and Key West. Buchanan is also on Ways and Means and is a member of the Main Street Partnership (the liberal wing of the Republican caucus in the House).  The 26this a left-leaning district, but that alone can’t excuse Curbelo’s jaw-dropping 34.3% legislative score.  Very few RINOs vote with conservatives less than a third of a time but the young Curbelo has pulled off that feat. His eagerness to join the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (populated entirely by liberals) and serving as one of only two Republican members of the House LGBT Caucus make clear where Curbelo’s sympathies lie.  The 26th may not be capable of supporting a solid conservative, but they surely can do better than this.