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Conservative Hall of Shame

Costello, Ryan

Cook PVI 2017 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+2 31.6% -41.9 Click for contact info

Costello is in his 2nd term representing the 6th district in the Philadelphia suburbs. He sits on Energy and Commerce.  Costello is one of the lowest-rated Republicans in the 115thcongress, holding a stunning 31.6% legislative score. His district is marginal, but there’s not much point in electing Republicans in the first place if they vote consistently as Democrats.    Costello is the RINO’s RINO, a throwback to an era of genuinely left-wing Republicans. The 6th couldn’t do worse if they elected a Democrat, but we think they can do better. This is a district that can handle a 50-60% legislative score.