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PA – Barletta, Lou

Cook PVI 2017 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+10 45.6 -40.0 Click for contact information

Barletta is in his 4th term representing the 11th district in central Pennsylvania. He sits on Education, Homeland Security, and Transportation. Barletta won election on his opposition to illegal immigration, and while he has been a stalwart on that issue, he has been a major disappointment to conservatives on fiscal matters, earning only an atrocious 45.6% legislative score. Time and again, Barletta has voted as a thorough RINO, with Nancy Pelosi and for pork, unfunded disaster relief, and debt ceiling increases. Barletta is currently running for the GOP nomination for Senate, and whether he gets it or not, the 11th deserves much better.