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NJ –McArthur, Tom

Cook PVI 2017 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+2 32.6 -40.9 Click for contact information

MacArthur is in his 2nd term representing the 3rd district in central New Jersey. He sits on Financial Services. He holds a legislative score of 32.6% and like most of New Jersey’s Republicans, MacArthur is in a vulnerable district; his drift leftwards may be tactical ahead of the midterms.  And like so many other RINOs in marginal districts, the dilemma is whether MacArthur deserves conservative support to fend off a Democrat, or whether conservatives should push hard for an authentic fiscal and social hawk?  The district can sustain someone in the 50-60% legislative score range, but MacArthur votes with Nancy Pelosi two times out of every three – it’s hard to defend standing by him any further.  It’s worth seeing if the 3rd can do better.