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FL – Ros-Lehtinen, Illena

Cook PVI 2017 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
D+5 35.6 -27.4 Click for contact information

Ros-Lehtinen is in her 15th and, thankfully, final term representing the 27th district in the heart of Miami. Ros-Lehtinen serves on Foreign Affairs. Ros-Lehtinen’s atrocious 35.6% legislative score marks her as another South Florida ROCA (Republican Only on Cuba).  Time and again, she’s voted with the Democrats on virtually every major spending issue, on unfunded mandates and for enough pork to fill the Everglades. It’s a good thing she’s retiring – but it’s not clear that the liberal 27thdistrict could elect anyone more conservative. It’s worth a shot.