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AZ – Gosar, Paul


Cook PVI 2017 Average Legislative Score Madison Performance Index (MPI) Take Action
R+21 93.3 3.3 Click for contact information

Gosar is in his 3rd term, representing Arizona’s 4th congressional district.  He is one of those members who ran as a Tea Party freshman, but turned out to be a disappointment early on.  He voted for almost all of leadership’s budget boondoggles, including the CRs, omnibus, minibus, and increasing the debt ceiling.  He also voted against a number of spending cuts, including an RSC bill to cut spending back to pre-Pelosi levels.  Gosar was the only member of the delegation to vote for the debt ceiling deal.  In the current Congress, Gosar has returned to the fold, sporting a 97% Heritage Action rating, and voting with fiscal conservatives on every major spending bill in 2017.  Gosar sits on the Natural Resources and Oversight Committees and is a member of the RSC.