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AL – Roby, Martha

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R+16 58.6 -31.4 Click for contact information

Now in her 4th term, Roby was one of those freshmen who were elected from a conservative district in 2010, the year of Tea Party. Unfortunately, she has turned out to be anything but Tea Party material. She voted for all the major spending bills; minibus and omnibus. Roby terminated her membership with the Republican Study Committee when they refused to go along with leadership’s capitulations on budget issues and she refused to go along with any of their proposed spending cuts.

As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, Roby was another one of those members who continued to support rural welfare in the form of farm and energy subsidies. In July 2012, Congressman Roby sent a letter to House leadership asking them to vote on a massive trillion-dollar farm subsidy/food stamp bill that would lock in Obama’s food stamp spending levels indefinitely. Roby holds a D- grade of 62% from Heritage Action for her love of unpaid-for disaster relief bills, the massive 2018 budget bill, and her vote against the Republican Study Committee’s more responsible alternative.