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The Madison Performance Index (MPI) came into being during an internal team discussion years ago.

“How do we REALLY know if a Member of Congress is performing? How do we tie them to their legislative scorecards in a way that makes sense to the voters in their districts?”

Thus the MPI was born. It’s more science than art and that is exactly the goal for the MPI-to objectively put before the voters the performance of their Members of Congress as dispassionately as possible.

Our goal was to make it simple to understand in a three step process.

  1. Here is a Member’s composite legislative score.
  2. Here is the make-up of his or her district.
  3. Here is their Madison Performance Index number, now you decided if your Member is failing to meet, exceeding or matching his or her district.

That’s it. Our hope is that voters nationwide will use it as a resource to engage their fellow voters. To that end, we have created the ability to share the MPI and each individual Member’s score through various social media platforms.

If you are a voter interested in turning this country around., use the MPI to do exactly that. Knowledge is power.

Congressional Voting Records of Members of Congress

With the MPI rating readily at hand for each and every Republican House Member, voters will have the information they need to decide whether to provide support or to work to aggressively primary out those that shamelessly pander to conservative voters during elections.

It is our intention to provide detailed profiles of each Republican member so that they can no longer hide their congressional voting records. We are in the process of compiling data to complete this section.

Thank you for your patience.