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Time to Update Our Performance Index

Last year, we began a national dialogue among conservatives about the need to elect authentic conservatives from right-leaning districts throughout the country.  In order to draw attention to the plethora of moderate Republicans from conservative districts, we created a simple yet novel index, The Madison Performance Index, as a tool to see how each member is utilizing the political orientation of his/her district to advance conservatism.  We averaged out the 2011 scores from the Club for Growth and Heritage Action for America, and pegged them to the Cook PVI of the member’s district.  

Well, the time has come to update the scores to reflect the entire duration of the 112th Congress – 2011-2012.  We have averaged out the scores from both years and will be posting the final scores over the next few days.  The website will be updated gradually throughout the week to reflect the new information. 

It’s important to note that many of the districts have changed due to biennial redistricting.   However, the scores for last Congress are calculated pursuant to the districts that existed when the members were originally elected.  All those scores will be archived under a new tab where they can easily be viewed.  The map, on the other hand, will reflect the new membership of the current Congress.  As such, when you click on a state, you will only see the current members. 

Those who were in the House over the past two years will have their score from the 112th Congress, juxtaposed to the updated Cook PVI of the district (the scores will be based off their former district until next year when this year’s scores are published).  Members who are no longer in Congress will be removed from the map; their scores will be kept in a new tab.  There are several dozen new members to the Republican conference who obviously have no annual scorecard yet.  Nonetheless, we will begin writing about their voting records and general performance as the year progresses.

Thanks for your patience.  We look forward to using the final MPI scores as a potent tool during the upcoming primary elections in 2014.