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Updates for 2012 and 2013 Coming Soon!

We are proud that the Madison Performance Index was able to spark a national discussion among conservatives about the need to elect more principled conservatives from red districts and states.  Our index ranks the members by juxtaposing their scores from conservative organizations to the Cook Partisan Voting Index or the member’s respective district.  These scores only reflect 2011 voting records.  Now that we are through with 2012 and the 112th Congress, we are ready to update the scores when the organizations publish their legislative scorecards.

We plan to update the scores to reflect their complete record for both 2011 and 2012, to be archived under the 112th Congress.  In addition, we will update the map to reflect the new membership of the 113th Congress.  Aside for the change in membership, there will be some substantial changes in the ratings of most districts.  Due to redistricting and the new results from the 2012 presidential election, the Cook PVIs for the new Congress will change.  The final archived scores for the 112th Congress will still reflect the old districts (with the old PVI) – the ones they represented when elected in 2010.  We obviously won’t have the new scores for 2013 until the year is over, but we will continue to update our write-ups on the new members and new voting reports on selected legislation that will be considered in this Congress.

We look forward to updating this site to serve as a one-stop-shop resource for conservatives to examine the voting records of Republican members of Congress.

Stay Tuned!