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New Cook PVIs Show Big Opportunities for Conservatives in the House

Thursday, October 11th, 2012 and is filed under Uncategorized

For all you political junkies, this is the type of news that will brighten up your day.  Charlie Cook has finally revised his partisan rating index for House districts to reflect the new congressional districts post-redistricting.  The index factors in the average vote totals for the Republican and Democrat presidential nominees during the past two election cycles in each district and compares them against the national average.  According to the Cook index, the districts currently span from R+29 to D+41. 

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Redistricting has solidified Republican control over the House.  The number of R rated seats has increased from 240 to 246, while the number of seats rated strongly R (R+5 and above) has increased from 182 to 190.
  • The most Republican seat is now TX-13 (R+29), which is held by Mac Thornberry.
  • The most Democrat district currently held by a Republican is IL-8 (D+6).  It is occupied by Joe Walsh.  The most Republican district held by a Democrat is UT-4 (R+14), currently occupied by Jim Matheson.
  • The median district (#218), MI-7 (Tim Walberg), went 51.4% Obama and 46.1% Kerry.  MI-7 is rated R+3.  In other words, Republicans can lose every seat ranked below R+3 and still win a majority.

The Cook Report concludes:

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