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Only 16% from Solid Conservative Districts Scored an A

Imagine if we elected consistent conservatives just in the 122 most Republican districts in the country?  We would have a majority within the House Republican Conference. 

We ran the numbers on the 122 most Republican districts (the ones that have elected Republicans; a few of them are represented by blue dogs) under the Cook PVI system, and the results are not pretty.  Here is a breakdown of how many of those members score within specific ranges:

Conservative Rankings 


Number of Members


A > 90



B > 80



C > 70



D >60



F <60




As you can see, there were more members from these conservative districts who got failing grades (26) than A scores (20).  60% of them scored a C or worse

What about the “Tea Party Freshman class?”

Although we elected some solid members in 2010, most of them have not fulfilled their promises.  In fact, many of them are not Tea Partiers at all.  Of the 85 GOP House freshmen who have a voting record, only 13 scored an A; only 26 scored 80+.  39 members scored a D or an F!  The average score of the non-freshmen was 69.4, while the average score of freshmen was only slightly higher, 71.7.

This is simply unacceptable.  It is clear that we need to do a better job vetting House candidates in the primaries.