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Conservative Voting Records

Madison Performance Index

Is your representative living up to conservative expectations? Simply click on your state to see how your rep’s actual voting record matches up to the conservative values of your district. You may be surprised by what you learn.

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Shedding Light on Conservative Voting Patterns

During every election cycle, nearly every single Republican candidate is quick to promote cherished American values such as free enterprise and individual liberty while out on the campaign trail. However, once elected, a disheartening majority of these elected officials end up abandoning the very principles that got them elected. As Madison Project Chairman, former Congressman Jim Ryun, penned recently, it's Time To Hold Conservatives Accountable.

MPI: A whole new way of looking at things

The Madison Performance Index (MPI) compares the voting records of Republican members of Congress against the ideological makeup of their district or state. Our objective is to shed light on real conservative performance … providing one-stop access to information about Republicans, especially those in red states, who reject conservative values in office.